Create your own mobile App in 15 minutes!

Create your own mobile App in 15 minutes!

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APPaware - Your Mobile App Innovator
APPaware is the perfect framework for creating simple but powerful mobile apps for your business.


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Create your own Apps without coding!

APPaware is a web-based SmartPhone App Editor that lets you to create your own mobile App Yourself. You do not need any coding knowledge, just drag and drop the elements. It's as easy as making a presentation.

Do you have your own great mobile application idea? Create it yourself with APPaware!

Would you try the features of APPaware Editor?

Email to and we send you the registration link to try out the APP editor yourself. We also send you the Android client of APPaware, where you can immediately check what you created in the editor.

Create your app in 4 easy steps

Create structure

Create your own App structure - or select one of the available templates (Small Business, Restaurant, Sports team, Lawyer, etc.)

Add your design

Add your own design elements (backgrounds, icons, pictures, etc.) or select from the templates.

Add your content

Add your own content, create lists, viewpagers, picture and video galleries.

Publish your App

Publish your App in APPaware, or - on demand - in Application Stores

Your ideas makes you money

Easy to customize

ITware has great experience in building business and other mobile applications, which are used by many of our clients on tablets and smart phones. We used our several projects’ results and knowledge while creating our services that we will share with you on this website.

Full of options

If you are a member of a community that develops business mobile applications or you were wondering how you could create well-functioning mobile applications without coding, then please learn more about the opportunities we offer you.

APPaware: ITware's Smartphone App Editor

Our Offer

Monthly subscription packages

Trial package

0 EURper month

  • Free trial period for 15 days
  • Register and edit Your first app
  • Create the structure
  • Add your design elements
  • Publish your App in APPaware App

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Starter package

10 EURper month

  • Keeps your ready App alive
  • App will be visible in APPaware App
  • No content editing
  • No design editing
  • -

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Advanced package

25 EURper month

  • Keeps your App alive
  • Edit your App content anytime
  • Edit your App design anytime
  • Publish new versions 2 times/month
  • Need more Publishing? Go Pro!

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Pro package

40 EURper month

  • Keeps your App alive
  • Edit your App content anytime
  • Edit your App design anytime
  • Publish new App versions anytime
  • 5/8 support

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